PLB contractors receive frequent requests for school Landscaping works and maintenance all over Kent, Surrey and South East London. Although this is a specialist area, you can be confident that PLB contractors can carry out most, if not all of the work needed.

There are thousands of schools across Kent, Surrey and South East London. All of these schools, both old and new, receive a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis from pupils and teachers alike. Because of this, regular ongoing maintenance is essential to maintain the highest standards of health and safety for everyone present every day. Although, every school has some level of internal maintenance, on occasions outside help is needed to cope with the daily deterioration of premises.

This is where PLB contractors can help. Our specialist contractors can help with all aspects of school building works and maintenance if your school cannot carry out the work internally.


• Artificial Grass Installation
• Fencing
• Groundworks
• Drainage
• Turfing
• Sports ground 
• Installation of Play Areas

And much more besides…

If you need any building work carried out at your school, PLB contractors have the expertise and knowledge to be able to carry out the work efficiently, with minimal disruption to anyone in attendance. No job is too big or too small, and we will always provide a full site survey prior to submitting any detailed proposal to carry out the work at your school.

If your school is in Kent, Surrey or South London and would like a free quote for any aspects of schools building works and maintenance, please call 01322 275 739. Rest assured, we will happily fit in with your schedule to ensure the whole process of school building works runs as smoothly as possible.